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Live Stream in Multiple Time Zones

Present live streaming global webinars that can be run in multiple time zones. Hybrid Virtual Events are live and online in real time. Webinars can be made available on-demand.

Corporate meetings define unified messaging for your organization. These meetings promote company culture, global brand and direction. There are two issues to accommodate; not everyone is available at the same time, and your team members are scattered across the country and around the globe.

To reach all your business partners, you need a global webinar tool that reaches all national and international audiences (including China where many networks can’t penetrate the Great Firewall of China). You need to brand your live streaming webinar to your standards and include engagement tools allowing attendees to actively participate.

For a good overview of web conferencing and live streaming global webinars, read this Wiki.

You still have meetings at Corporate Headquarters or Satellite locations. By using virtual hybrid tools, you transmit the meeting to your entire organization. This maintains a consistent message delivered to all at the same time. The meeting may be broadcast several times to reach all time zones or posted for Video-on-Demand at the end of the live event.

Hybrd Vitual Webinar
  • Promote company culture & global brand direction

  • Connect leaders and employees worldwide

  • Reach all national and international audiences including China

  • Live stream branded with your brand standards

  • Interactive tools for user participation

  • Hybrid virtual and IRL Events

  • Broadcast at multiple times for all timezones.

  • Complete webinar available on demand post-event.

QwikCast for Global Webinars

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