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Don't want to read a bunch of copy? Take 03:44 and listen to our Director of QwikCast, John Gorski, explain the features and benefits of our global streaming platform.


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Our QwikCast webcasting solution provides an effective and secure way to conduct worldwide virtual events online.

Live & Virtual Hybrid Events

Live and Virtual Hybrid Events

Interactive Video Conferencing

Custom Registraion Forms for Webinars
Interactive Video Conferencing

Use live chat, moderated and un-moderated, for Q&A, polling, surveys, and other audience interactions. Allow remote users to ask questions or make presentations within the program. This feature is key to distance learning and all types of online education.

Produce your event from any location (like a motor van crossing the country or maybe Antarctica) and broadcast it globally. You invest considerably in producing live events; take it to the next level by including those who can’t attend due to location or availability.

Custom Registration Forms

Create user profiles from custom registration forms. Use profile data to automate attendee direction to breakout rooms, pertinent sessions, and other content. Send automated calendar invites with custom links upon registration.

Webcasting Solutions

Breakout Rooms Webinar

Breakout Rooms Webinar

Video Conferencing for Education

Webinar Attendee User Statistics

Video Conferencing for Education
Webinar Attendee User Statistics

Know who attended your event, where they viewed it, on what device, and for how long. Track each user's clicks and downloads. Use this information to improve your future webinars.

Send your users to the correct breakout rooms with confidence based on variables in their registration data. Or allow the viewer to choose depending on their interest. Track all movement and behavior statistics for future analysis and post-event follow-up.

Verify that users complete their online sessions. With QuickCast, you measure the users’ time with the program and then test to ensure completion. You receive all the information needed for CE credit awards.

Webinar Live Streaming Services

Our business here at InHouse Media is probably not like a lot of other business that QwikCast works with on a regular basis, we ask them to provide different solutions to our technical problems and they seem to have an answer or solution for our needs & questions in a timely manner.

Gary - InHouse Media

Implex has a great group of technicians and the leadership of the company excellent.

Mary Ellen - StoneArch Meetings

I have witnessed a level of willingness to adapt and consider alternate approaches to delivery of services that are requested by our clients and also a willingness to assist with our education of the product that we collaborate on.  This respect to our ever changing business model is greatly appreciated and allows me to comfortably return for services.

Kraig - Media Loft

Client Testimonials


The #1 concern for most of our clients is security. QwikCast controls authorization from secure, encrypted delivery to “open to the public” events. It’s your call. And you’ll always know who attended, on what device, for how long, and their location.

Our live streaming services for global webinars are for your corporate communications, national sales meetings, vendor relations, financial disclosures, continuing education (CE credits), and government announcements. Our streaming platform delivers your online events securely and dependably. And remember to cover all your Diversity and Inclusion options with closed-captioning and ASL signers. Our streaming platform delivers your online events securely and dependably so that you communicate all your Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. We know because we’ve been streaming multimedia content on the web since 1996.

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